Our delight is in creating beautiful films that depart from the static norm. 35mm, 16mm, and Super 8 are our tools to capture what is really beautiful in life. In every film we’re reminded that there’s a certain magic that occurs when light and film mix that simply cannot be reproduced with the digital camera.

To read our story and to find out what’s up with all this film talk, our About page has the answers. As well, we’ve featured a selection of past clients’ films on our Blog and if you have any questions, it would be great to hear from you, send us a note at [email protected].


Featured on the blog

Rustic Santa Ynez Wedding Film

Back in the Fall, we had the opportunity to film Kelly & Nick’s chic and rustic outdoor wedding, with cowboy boots and all, in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley. This was an especially meaningful wedding for us because almost seven years prior we filmed Kelly’s sisters wedding and it was so great to reconnect again […]

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Beaulieu Napa Valley Wedding

Napa Valley is known around the world and the more I visit this remarkable place the more it hurts t[...]

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Vibrant San Ysidro Ranch Wedding

San Ysidro Ranch has to be one of the most iconic and beautiful places to get married at in Santa B[...]

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